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Q: What are the steps necessary to become a licensed TCARE® Assessor?
A:  1) Complete the on-line training curriculum
     2) Participate in a one-day in-person training
     3) Complete one case study followed by one review webinar
     4) Pass a certification exam

Q: How do I access my username & password?
A: You will receive a Username and Password to access your training account by a member of the TCARE Team 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled one-day in-person training.

Q: Who do I contact if I am having issues logging in, accessing the training videos or the certification exam?
A: Please email with any questions, concerns or issues.

Q: Is there a certain time of day that I am required to complete the on-line training curriculum?
A: No. You may complete the on-line curriculum anytime of day, 7 days a week.

Q: Do I need to review all the training videos before I attend the one-day in-person training?
A: Yes, it is required that you view all the training videos, complete the short quizzes after each video and complete Activity 1. If these requirements are not fulfilled, you will not be permitted to attend the one-day in-person training. 

 May I complete the on-line training curriculum with other TCARE
® trainees?
A: Unfortunately no. The training site includes a tracking system tied to your personal account that allows the Tailored Care Team to see if you have completed each step of the on-line training curriculum. If the system shows you have not completed the on-line portion, you will not be permitted to attend the in-person training.

 Do I need to review the training videos in order?

A: Yes. The training site will not allow you to move forward until you have completed the prior video and short quiz.

 Am I able to start viewing a video and come back at another time to finish viewing?

A: Yes. The on-line training curriculum has been created so that you may start and stop a video as many times as needed.

 Will I be penalized if I do not get all the short quiz answers correct?

A: No. The quizzes demonstrate the key concepts of the training videos and informs our team whether or not you understand the content presented.

 May I review the training videos more than once?

A: Yes. You may review the videos as many times as needed.